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ďIf a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.Ē Billy Graham
What to Give


If riches bring
happiness, then why
 so many rich
people commit


What the Bible says about giving

We receive feedback from many of you that have began to use these simple ageless principles. We also hear from those that have been helped and are grateful that someone gave to them. Because so many comments are received we cannot possibly post them all. Here are a few.


  • Thank you so much for your simple beautiful website! We use these principles each week. It is so much fun to give!

  • Someone helped me and now Iím giving back and passing it on. Thank you!

  • I love this practical giving concept. Iíve always been a giver but now I always include a Giving Principle business card with my gifts. It keeps on giving and is what was missing from my giving for many years. Thank you Giving!

  • What a beautiful website! I love and use the simple ideas each week. I look forward to reading your newsletter each week for more ideas. Thanks!

  • Like most people, I used to subscribe to the Getting Principle. It was hard for me to begin giving to others especially in secret - without the recognition. I forced myself to begin this and a strange thing happened. It was so much FUN!!!! Now Iím hooked and life is no longer about getting more and more and my climb to the top of the ladder. I no longer worry about those things any longer. Donít get me wrong, I still look forward to getting stuff for me. Itís just that it has lost its grip on me and I now enjoy what I get more! It works. I challenge anyone who has been given a Giving Principle card to just try it like I did once. Thank you!

  • Itís one of the most powerful feelings/highs in the world to be used for a moment to be a miracle in someone elseís life. What was always missing was getting that someone else to catch the miracle of giving back. With the Giving Principle cards this is accomplished. Thanks for making this possible!

  • A year ago around Christmas I was in to a local Gamestop checking the price of an Xbox 360 game my son wanted. I phoned home and told him I couldn't afford it. When I left the shop a man followed me. When I got into my car he tapped on my window rolling it down he asked "What game did you want?" I told him and he said okay wait a minute. So I waited. He went into the store and came back out handed me a bag with the game in it and a gift card for $50 to give to my son. This was the greatest gift. I don't know who the young man was but thank that angel every day for his kind generosity.

  • We have annually secretly helped others who had needs. It has brought immense joy to us as we saw these people asking around to see who the secret Santa was. Remaining anonymous has brought us so much joy and we look forward to doing more this year.

  • We love this site and its ideas! With the Giving Principle card, when I give the card away with my volunteer time or money, I know it will truly be a gift that keeps on giving over and over again. Love every ones ideas on the giving ideas page!

  • When I began giving to others in secrete as your website has suggested I found it hard to do. I thought it would be easy. My first tries were failures and I didnít even follow through on my original plans. I have found all of this takes practice and a bit of clever tricks. Iíve found that I got better at it over time and Iím glad I didnít give up. Iím now a professional and I am constantly looking and thinking of new ways to give.
    The best thing Iíve found is that instead of always thinking about my problems and what I want I am more focused on how I can be constantly on the looking to help someone else out. People ask me ďwhatís upĒ because Iím happier and excited now. I know this will sound weird but I feel closer to God now.
    I encourage everyone to give your Giving skills time to grow
    I hope more people become professionals. It is sooooo much fun!
    Your website has been very helpful.

  • Giving Principle Thank you for what you are promoting. Itís nice to see an organization out there not looking to see what they can get. Someone handed me a $20.00 bill recently with a Giving Principle card clipped to it. They must have known times have been hard for my husband and me. I donít know who they were but the thought and the money has been a boost lately. And when I went to your website I was encouraged again and loved the two inspiring videos! Thank you so much!

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