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“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” — Jesus
What to Give

You don’t
live well
until you
give well
.....a wise Grandma


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Become a Friend

Ever wonder who you can really give to and know that your money is being used to really help others and not going to fund some organizations big salaries? We did too. So years ago we looked into this and found some really good places to give money and time to. These places use your money to help others not themselves. If you ever have a question about how an organization uses their funds, use this organization to check them out.  Click here to visit Charity Navigator. They rate organizations by how much is actually spent to help others not themselves.


Below are a few we trust.


Sorry we are not listed since everyone involved in the Giving Principle volunteers their time and donate funds to keep GP up and running. And no, we are not even a 501-C (non-profit) because we are not looking to give… for a tax write off. We don’t need or want your funds. Give elsewhere.


Getting out of debt


To give more you have to have more to give… right. The best way to do that is to get yourself out of debt. This in itself is such a great way to live. Most of your big bills are gone and ohhh how freeing this is to the human mind. And yes it is possible. Millions of people live this way and live a much better life than those under mounds of monthly debt.

Here are the tools to become debt free.


We recommend Dave Ramsey’s radio program and his website resources. His listening/teaching DVDs are the BEST!



Books/DVD's by Dave  


Trusted Organizations that GIVE


Save The


Food For The


Compassion International


World Vision


Other Trusted GIVING Principle Organizations 


Secret Santa




Having a Healthy Perspective/Attitude

Get rid of that ‘woe is me’ attitude that you may be carrying around. No one is better at teaching and living this stuff then Nick Vujicic. And he has a right to say ‘woe is me’, but he doesn’t.



Attitude On Life


Nick Vujicic


Recommended Hollywood movies on giving.

Below are a few movies that we recommend about giving concepts, principles and the giving lifestyle.


Its a wonderful Life

This is a great oldie but worth the time. Its a good one to watch around Christmas time. It shows the difference between living a lifestyle of giving or getting for oneself and the differences between the two..

Click here to watch the trailer.


The Ultimate Gift

Is about a rich spoiled young man about to receive a huge inheritance and how his life is changed by giving principles.

To watch the trailer click here.


Pay it Forward

A young man comes up with a idea to change the world about giving to others. This movie actually spurred a movement in our nation on giving. To watch the trailer click here.



In this movie a firefighter is about to go through a divorce and decides to try and recaptures his wife's love and begins to give to her. To watch the trailer click here.


The Blind Side

A Hollywood movie with Sandra Bullock. The true story about a family that takes in a young man and gives to him. Another very inspiring story about the game of football.

Click here to see the trailer. 


A Passion for Giving

An interesting documentary on PBS which examines the basis for what makes people give.


If you have a great giving movie that you recommend email us here.


Recommended Books on Giving

Fields of Gold
A Place beyond Your Deepest Fears, a Prize beyond Your Wildest Imagination Andy Stanley

Giving Champion's Equipping Guide
The Giving Champion's Equipping Guide is a powerful resource designed to offer guidance and encouragement to those who champion the cause of generosity and seek to encourage others on the journey. Follow this link to download the Equipping Guide.

The Treasure Principle
By Randy Alcorn

This book is a insightful book about giving.  It is concise, motivational, and profound.

We recommend Randy’s book.



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