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"God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving." Randy Alcorn

What Can I Give?

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There are endless opportunities to GIVE.
Think of GIVING as three separate principles.
Your time, talents and treasure.

First your time.

         We can all carve out a bit of time to GIVE. GIVE to a local charity, church or other need in your neighborhood. Involve your family and teach your kids these principles. GIVING of your time usually includes the second principleÖ your talent. Always include a GP card when giving away your time.

Your Talents

     We are all good at something or have a God given talent for something. Look for these areas to GIVE in.

        Letís say youíre a car mechanic. Look for someone off the job you can help with their broken car. When they offer to pay hand them a Giving Principle card and ask them to look for someone else to GIVE back to. 

         For instance we approached a man named Frank who is a computer whiz, on building this website. Frank gladly accepted and constructed the GP site and maintains it. He donates to all three of these principles monthly. Always include a GP card when giving away your talents.

Your Treasure - your money.

         It seems so hard to part with money in the beginning, doesnít it. But once you start GIVING it away it suddenly becomes fun and oh so easy. Itís so much more rewarding than getting. You find yourself changing over time as you and your family become givers rather than getter's. To begin simply start a budget and set funds aside for just GIVING.  Always include a GP card when giving away your money.

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