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“You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you.”

— John Wooden

What to Give


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Giving is also
about  having a
healthy attitude.

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What the Bible says about giving

The Giving Principle (GP) is about passing the kindness onSomeone helped you, now you’re going to look for someone else to help.  Be Careful. All this giving stuff is addictive and fun!

Ever notice the excitement of Christmas that fills you when you plan to buy a special gift for someone and you can’t wait until they open it? And when they open it they are so excited and thankful. Remember that feeling? That’s what we are talking about! What if you used your life to do just that – often.

 Below are three simple suggestions for passing the Giving Principle on.

  1. First you have to decide to give back to someone.  Use our Giving Ideas Page for examples. Even if it’s only a little of your time or money. Just do what you can.

  2. Once you pass on the gift be sure to leave a Giving Principle card… asking that person to pass it on. You can print out cards on the Print Cards Page.
    Giving can also be done in secret and again leave a GP card.

  3. This giving stuff is fun! Once you experience the joy and fun of giving you will probably be hooked and begin to live a giving lifestyle.
    If you want adopt this enjoyable lifestyle read on.

Living the Giving Lifestyle

Try this…decide that you want to become more of a giving person.

  • Determine each week / month how much you are going to give away. Print out some Giving Principle cards and look and watch for people in need.

  • Next look for someone to give to. You will find your paths will connect with someone in need. You can give cash or a gift or food or your time and talents. You decide what is best for the situation. Always include with the gift, a Giving Principle card. So this principle has a chance to do for others what it is now doing in your life. That Christmas feeling each week!

 Here are a few suggestions on how to give.

  • First try to give in secret. Place money in an envelope with a short note and a Giving Principle card.

  • If you decided to give a gift, wrap it beautifully like a Christmas gift and leave it when the person is not around. Sometimes this can be done in person, depending on the situation.

  • After you practice giving principles again and again… more seems to just come back to you. It’s a weird and strange thing but it happens.

  • This is a simple concept. The toughest part is beginning the lifestyle. We promise… it will change your perspective on life!

  • Visit our Newsletter/Blog page for many other giving ideas.

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